Advanced Ventilation for Your Masks. Early bird offer up to 47% OFF!

World’s First Attachable Fan for Face Masks

Mask Fan is an attachable fan for face masks that greatly improves ventilation and cooldown your face without affecting its protection ability.

14 Hours

of battery life


adjustable wind speed


super lightweight

The Charging Case

Can charge two fans simultaneously, provides up to 14 hours of battery life. With built-in UV-C LED technology, it automatically sanitizes the fans while charging.

30 sec

to kill germs

Reversible design

The fans can be attached to the masks using its magnetic clips on both sides. Allowing you to choose the air-flow direction in or out according to your needs.

You can even attach two fans at the same time to create better air circulation for situations where you need stronger ventilation, like when you are exercising at the gym.